Blind killer

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    <br><br>„Blind killer „ (English Blind assassin) Is a novel by Canadian writer Margaret Atwood. First published by McClelland & Stewart in 2000.<br><br>The novel won the Booker Prize in 2000 and the Dashil Hammett Prize in 2001, and was shortlisted for other awards.<br>Description<br>The main character of the novel Iris Chase and her sister Laura grew up in a small town in southern Ontario. Their family owns a small factory, which gives them a good income. After the death of her parents, the older sister gets married, and the younger one turns out to be of no use to anyone.<br><br>The novel takes place throughout the twentieth century.<br>main charactersIris Chase Griffen : the narrator and protagonist of the novel.Laura Chase : Sister Iris, whose suicide opens the book and who is the author of the novel within the novel.Richard E. Griffen : Iris’ husband with political ambitions. : Iris’s daughter-in-law.Alex Thomas : a young writer sympathetic to the communists.Cpt. Norval Chase : Iris and Laura’s father.Reenie : Housekeeper of the Chase family.Myra Sturgess : Reenie’s daughter (possibly from Captain Chase) who helps Iris in her old age.Aimee Adelia Griffen : Iris’s daughter.Sabrina Griffen : Iris’s granddaughter.Receiving critics<br>Critical reviews were mixed. Reviewer Salon described the book as „a sly with Atwood’s trademark black humor and dexterous hand.“ Critic New York Times Thomas Mallon was unimpressed with the novel, calling the book „too long and poorly written.“ Adam Mars-Jones in „Guardian“ was less negative, but described the book as a „romantic tale“ with political elements.<br><br>The novel was awarded the Booker Prize in 2000 and the Hammett Prize in 2001. Was nominated for the Governor General’s Award in 2000, the Women’s Fiction Award and the Dublin Literary Award in 2002. Magazine Time named it Best Novel of 2000 and included in the list of the 100 Greatest English-Language Novels since 1923.<br>

Aktuálně je na stránce zobrazen 1 příspěvek (z celkem 1)
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