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    <br><br>Collection (Compilation, eng. compilation) – in the music industry, a music album that includes selected musical recordings on a specific topic.<br><br>Examples of compilation are collections of charts, musical compositions of a certain style or era, a collection of compositions by one artist from different years or albums. Significant dates can also be reasons for their appearance.<br><br>Typical compilation examples are:<br>Collections of the best compositions by one performer or group („Greatest hits“, „best of“, or „singles collection“). If an artist is still releasing albums, it is common practice to include one previously unreleased song in the compilation to entice fans to buy the album, even if they have all the other recordings of that artist.Other collections of one artist or group: rare recordings or songs from the „second side of the record“ (b-sides), famous compositions from different years, albums composed of radio performances, film soundtracks or compilations from various media recorded on one or more CDs. Such compilations are intended for fans and not so popular.disc set (box set), covering all the work of an artist or group on several discs or a complete overview of a specific genre or recording studio.Thematic collections of creativity of several performers, for example, a of love songs, New Year’s songs, songs accompanied by a certain (for example, a saxophone or piano) and many others.Collection of hits of various artists… Since the early 1970s, the release of such compilations has enjoyed great commercial success in the market; the collection includes the latest super hits. In the 1970s, it was vinyl records with 10-12 tracks, in the 1980s it was a double album with 6-8 tracks on each side, and today it is 1-3 CDs.genre compilations of various performers, for example: jazz, rock, blues, etc. They can refer to the same time period or have a common theme. An example of this is the soundtrack.advertising compilations or samplers… It is a creative and successful form of promoting an artist and / or a recording studio. As a rule, they are distributed free of charge or are very cheap.private advertising collections… Such complications are recorded in cooperation of performers with manufacturers of goods or organizations.advertising compilations for corporations used within the music industry to promote artists in media groups (radio, television, cinema or video games)albums of producers… Many producers of hip-hop and reggaeton music release compilations of several artists, of which he is the producer of each track.

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