Jolinon, Joseph

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    <br><br>Joseph Jolinon (fr. Joseph Jolinon, 1885 – 1971), La Clayette, Burgundy – 1971, Saone et Loire) – French writer. Laureate of the Grand Prix of the French Academy for the novel (1950).<br>Biography<br>After graduating from the Jesuit college, he studied law in Lille, then worked as a lawyer in Lyon. Member of the First World War. In 1914, the 28-year-old lawyer was mobilized and served in the infantry throughout the war on various fronts. From 1925 he began to engage in literary work.<br>Creation<br>Author of the first sports novel in France Le Jeune Athlète, which until 1914 could not be published in any of the French magazines and publishing houses and saw the light only in 1922.<br><br>After the war, J. Jolinon joined the pacifists grouped around the „Europe“… Wrote a very significant novel about the war „Le Valet de Gloire„(Russian transl. „Servant of Glory“, 1923), which promoted him to the ranks of the best young writers.<br><br>He wrote more than a dozen novels that were in the period 1922-1954.<br><br>In 1950, Jolinon’s novel was the Grand Prix of the (Grand Prix du roman de l’Académie française).<br>Selected bibliography1922: Le Jeune Athlète1923: Le valet de gloire1924: La Tête brûlée1925: Le Meunier contre la ville1926: La paroissienne1927: La foire1928: Le Joueur de balle1930: Les revenants dans la boutique1932: Dame de lyon1933: L’Arbre sec1934: Le Bât d’argent1935: Mandrin par un de sa bande1936: Les coquines1936: Fesse Mathieu l’anonyme1942: Guérillas 18081943: Le chat du second1944: Les Malandrins du Beaujolais1946: Petite châtelaine1946: Guerilla 18081947: La Belle Auberge1947: Les Provinciaux, („Provincials“ – a collection of 6 novels, Grand Prix of the French Academy in 1950), etc.

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