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    <br><br>Lasaser (French Lascazères, Ox. Lascasèras) – a commune in France, located in the South – Pyrenees region. Department – Hautes-Pyrenees. It is part of the canton of Castelnau Riviere Bas. District of the commune – Tarbes.<br><br>The commune’s INSEE code is 65264.<br>Geography<br>The commune is located approximately 630 km south of Paris, 120 km west of Toulouse, 32 km north of Tarbes.<br><br>In the east of the the Louet River.<br>Climate<br>The is temperate oceanic with warm sunny weather and abundant rainfall throughout most of the year.<br>Population<br>The population of the commune in 2010 was 303 people.<br>AdministrationEconomy<br>In 2010, among 192 people of working age (15-64 years old), 112 were economically active, 80 were inactive (the was 58.3%, in 1999 it was 68.3%). Of the 112 active residents, 106 were employed (61 men and 45 women), 6 were unemployed (5 men and 1 woman). Among the 80 inactive people, 27 were pupils or students, 40 were retirees, and 13 were inactive for other .<br>Photo gallery<br>Lasaser<br><br>Entry to Laszaser<br><br>Castle Lascaire<br><br>Church<br><br>Church portal<br><br>Commune map<br>

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