Mark (Somalia)

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    <br><br>Brand (somal. Marka, arab. مركة) is a city in Somalia.<br>common data<br>Marka is the administrative center of the Somali province of Lower Shabelle. The population is about 350 thousand people (2007, estimate). The mark lies on the coast of the Indian Ocean, 70 kilometers south of the capital of the country, . Sea port.<br>Story<br>The brand was in the 7th century by the Biyomal tribe, a member of the language group. Somalia settled in this region in the 6th century, they are to this day the main population of the city. The Benadir Arabic-speaking people also live in the city and the surrounding area. The urban architecture is designed in Arabic style.<br><br>For a long time, from the time of the Italian colonial rule in Somalia and ending with the reign of President Barre, the city of Marka was a resort and vacation spot for both foreigners and residents of the country’s capital. During the civil war in Somalia, in 1995-1996, there were fierce battles around the Mark (the so-called „banana war“ for control over the largest banana plantations in Somalia and the port of Mark, through which the bulk of banana exports went), but Mark herself did not suffer. In November 2008, the city was occupied by detachments of the radical Islamic movement Al-Shabaab.<br>

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