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    <br><br>National Library Service of Belize was in 1825. This is the legal deposit store for Belize. The headquarters is located in Belize City.<br>Story<br>The history of the creation of the library begins in the 19th century, it was in 1935 that it was founded Jubilee library, public library.<br><br>In 1960, it was renamed the British Library Service of Honduras, which was transformed into the National Library Service in 1966 due to legislative amendments.<br><br>In 2006, a law was passed that renames the institution to its current name and establishes its activities and objectives.<br><br>The library system is divided into two sections:<br>National LibraryPublic Library Service<br>The latter offers it to the general public through the network of regional libraries, reference, educational, informational and cultural materials.<br>State of the art<br>The library is by a ten-member Board of Directors, eight of whom are appointed by the Minister of Education to represent the various segments of Belize’s society.<br><br>Belize citizens can use the library by applying for a $ 13 membership card. Non-citizens can get a card for $ 43, 40 of which are refundable upon the country.<br><br>The Library Service uses the Dewey Decimal Classification System.<br>

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