Roller blinds

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    <br><br>Roller blinds have become a very popular solution for window decoration. These are functional and . Their lineup can be very diverse. Both and styles are found in the assortment. You can look at the curtains catalog to make sure that there are always interesting options for both office and residential premises. At the same time, it is recommended to study the features of roller blinds in advance, so as not to make a mistake in choosing and order the perfect design.<br><br>The design of roller blinds includes a single piece of fabric and a shaft mechanism, which also acts as a curtain rod. Only the canvas and the shaft have standard roller blinds, there are no additional „unnecessary“ details in them. The appearance of the curtains and their functionality can be improved with some additions. A decorative box, for example, complements cassette models. Elements holding the web and guiding its course, the shaft are hidden inside the box. When airing, the canvas does not hang down, the appearance becomes more accurate and attractive.<br><br>You can open the sashes more widely if you purchase a reduced diameter of the cornice – mini-options. For heavy and large canvases, their own options are available. Reinforced cornice is made of metal in Box-type models. Transparent and dense canvases alternate with each other in Zebra patterns. In a wide range, the fluxes of light can be regulated thanks to this design. The electric drive complements the automatic roller blinds. The position of the web can be remotely adjusted. If the placement of the curtains is very high or uncomfortable, this will be the best option.<br><br>Installation of roller blinds is not particularly difficult. For installation, use glazing beads or frames. The skylight can be completely closed if the box is on the wall. It is also possible to install shutters on the sashes separately. It should be borne in mind that the protruding shaft will protrude into the slope when mounted on a glazing bead or frame, that is, the opening angle of the window will be less. It is worth considering this point, although it does not significantly affect the functionality of the window.<br><br>There are usually two options for attaching the cornice: double-sided tape or self-tapping screws. The first option is suitable for structures of light weight, the window will not suffer in any way with such a fastening. Self-tapping screws provide a strong and reliable fixation, but the tightness of the frame may be broken.<br>

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