SS Cymric

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    <br><br> Great Britain Class and type of vessel Passenger vessel Home Organization White Star Line Owner White Star Line Manufactured by „Harland and Wolff“ Commissioned 11 February 1898 Withdrawn from fleet 8 May 1916 Status sunk Main characteristics Length 178.44 m Width 19.58 m Propeller 2 propellers Travel speed 15 knots Passenger capacity 1310 passengers Registered tonnage 13 370 brt}} Media files on Wikimedia Commons |} „Kimrick“ (SS Cymric) – British steamship of the White Star Line company. It was developed for the transport of farmers, respectively, only the first class and premises for cattle were assumed. After the start of the design, it became clear that such transportation was already unpopular, and the premises for were given to the third class. Departed on his maiden voyage from Liverpool to New York on April 29, 1898. Arrived at his on May 9 of the same year. He worked on this line until 1903, when he moved to Liverpool-Boston. In 1912 he returned to the previous line. During the Anglo-Boer and the First World War, it was a military transport. May 8, 1916 was torpedoed by the German submarine U-20, commanded by Walter Schwiger. 5 people were killed. Sank off the southern coast of Ireland at unknown location.<br>

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