Survivor Series (2015)

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    <br><br>Survivor Series (2015) Is a show hosted by WWE. Held on November 22, 2015 at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, for the first time in state history. The twenty-ninth event of the Survivor Series. This event also celebrated the 25th anniversary of the WWE Undertaker, whose career began in 1990.<br><br>The event hosted nine matches. In the main event of the show, Roman Raines defeated Dean Ambrose to win the WWE Heavyweight Championship. Seamus then used his Money in the Bank contract and beat Raines to win the title.<br>Background<br>In a Hell in a Cell match, Seth Rollins defeated Kane to defend the World . The next night on Raw, the eight superstars who won the Hell in a Cell match competed in singles matches and the faced each other in a four-way match. The winner becomes the first contender for the World Heavyweight Championship at the Survivor Series. Roman Reins won the match. However, on November 4, Rollins suffered multiple knee injuries during a tournament in Dublin, Ireland, so the match was canceled and the title was vacant. Tournament started on November 9 on episode Raw… It featured sixteen superstars, and a new champion was scheduled for the final match of the Survivor Series. Ever since Roman Reigns became a title contender, Triple H has persuaded him to join the leadership. Thus Raines would automatically be placed in a championship match. But he refused, demanding a fight in the tournament. November 19 on episode Raw Roman Raines, Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens and Alberto Del Rio advanced to the semi-finals by defeating Dolph Ziggler, Neville Adrian and Calisto, pitting Raines against Del Rio and Ambrose against Owens in the semi-finals.<br><br>November 2 on episode RawPaige defeated Becky Lynch, Bree Bella and Sasha Banks in a four-way match. Then she became the Champion of Divas in the match against Charlotte.<br><br>In a Hell in a Cell match, the Wyatts attacked Undertaker after losing the match to Brock Lesnar and carrying him out of the arena. The next night on Raw, Kane collides with the Wyatt, but is also attacked and driven out of the arena. In episode Raw on November 9, The Undertaker and Kane returned as Brothers of Destruction (eng. Brothers of Destriction) and attacked the Wyatt. In episode Smackdown on November 12, Bray Wyatt challenged the Brothers of Destruction to the Survivor Series Tag Team Championship against two hand-picked Wyatt family members whom they would approve of.<br><br>On November 17th, announced that the event would be hosting a traditional five-on-five match.<br><br>In episode Smackdown On October 22nd, made his WWE debut and attacked Dolph Ziggler. In episode Smackdown on October 29, after Ziggler defeated Miz, Ziggler was attacked by Breeze. On episode Raw on November 2, Breeze distracts Ziggler during his match with Kevin Owens, allowing Owens to win. On episode Smackdown on November 19, after Breeze defeated Zach Ryder, Ziggler attacked him. Later on the show, it was announced that Ziggler would face off against Tyler Breeze at the event.<br>resultsSurvivor Series Shootout Matches

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