Uritskogo Street (Astrakhan)

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    <br><br> – one of the main streets of the historical district of Kos in the central part of Astrakhan. It starts from the Red Embankment near the Kutum River near the main city registry office and goes from northeast to southwest parallel to the Volga. The section of the street from Krasnaya Embankment to Sverdlova Street is pedestrianized and runs through the park. Further, Uritskogo street crosses Nikolskaya, Tikhy lane, Pugachev and Danton streets and ends at Anzeliyskaya street.<br><br>The Uritskogo Street ensemble has the status of an urban planning monument. The street is mainly built up with buildings of the pre-revolutionary period, including architectural monuments. In the northern part it forms part of the „bar square“ – in this area there are a large number of bars, pubs, cafes and restaurants.<br>Story<br>In 1837 it received the name Longitudinal Koshkinskaya, later it was called the Longitudinal-Volga or Longitudinal-Volzhenskaya. In 1920 it received its modern name in honor of Moses Solomonovich Uritsky.<br>Buildinghouse 4/5 – Sklyanin’s estate (1909)house 5/15 – House of Agamzhanovs (1909)house 6/7 – House with warehouses P. M. Khalafov (1904)house 7/4 – A residential house with a courtyard, warehouses and Smirnov’s shops (in 1901 – the hotel „Russia“ by V. F. Demichev, built in the second half of the 19th century)Building 8 – House A.N. M. Seyfutdinova (late XIX – early XX centuries)house 9 – K. Elukhen’s office and building, Lobov’s house with an outbuildingBuilding 10 – Residential buildinghouse 12-14 / 7 – Branch of the Bank (1909‒1910)Building 16 – Residential buildinghouse 19 – Residential building (late 19th century)Building 46 – Building of trade warehouses

Aktuálně je na stránce zobrazen 1 příspěvek (z celkem 1)
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