We’ve been together for XX years

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    <br><br>We’ve been together for XX years – a concert album of the „Alisa“ group. Recorded on November 15, 2003 at a concert dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the group and the release of the album „Now later than you think“, from which all the songs were performed. The performance took place at the Yubileiny Sports Palace in St. Petersburg. The album was released at the end of April 2005 on CD and on November 9 of the same year on DVD. Reissued in 2014 by Bomba Music on three LPs, printed in Germany.<br><br>The video of the concert was repeatedly broadcast on television. In 2005, the TV version was shown on Channel One, and in 2009 – on A-One, in 2020 on the Ukrainian Inter channel. In all cases, some of the songs were cut out so as not to take up airtime.<br>Song ListIntroHomelandLandFlea lordDirtDo not careNo crossTroubled daysCoachmanThe wind is dancingEmelyaMonk, warrior and jesterThe sky of the SlavsRebelliousMy generationRidersAntichristThe invitedMumSoulReverse movementAerobics E-95Red on blackNo warGood nightJoy sadnessSong without WordsFool and sunWe are togetherCompoundKonstantin Kinchev – vocals, guitarPeter Samoilov – bass guitar, backing vocalsVera Panfilova – voiceAndrey Shatalin – guitarsMikhail Nefedov – drumsEvgeny Levin – guitar – keys, voiceYuri Shlapakov – soundVyacheslav Batogov – administrator – technicianAndrey Melnik – lightReviews<br>Musical newspaper: „Before us is perhaps the best“ live „national team, which over the years of its existence has perfected its program“ from and to „, despite the changes in the composition. Songs of different years, different moods, different Kinchev. Two Tsoevs – „Quiet Night“ and „Song without Words“, one – Vysotsky („Coachman (I breathed blue)“). Classics, new and old, – „Motherland“, „My generation“, „Aerobics“, „Route E-95″, „Red on black“, „We are together.“ Classics of „second freshness“ – „On the drum“, „Troubled days“, „Sky of the Slavs“. Song stories and novels – „Lord of the Fleas“, „Dirt“, „Without a cross“, „The wind leads a round dance“, „Monk, warrior and fool.“<br>Interesting FactsAfter the song „The Wind Leads a Round Dance“ Konstantin Kinchev draws attention to the scuffle of the riot policemen with the fans of the group who came to the concert. This episode is included in the official editions of the album.The concert at which the album „We Are Together for XX Years“ was recorded was the last performance of the „Alisa“ group in St. Petersburg in the „old lineup“. 10 days after this concert, on November 25, 2003, guitarist Andrey Shatalin and drummer Mikhail Nefyodov left the group, who had been playing in „Alisa“ (with short breaks) since its inception.The album was on DVD on November 9, 2005, on the day of the concert, at which the next „Alice’s“ live album, entitled „A Star Called Rock“, was recorded.The song „Rodina“ at this concert, together with Konstantin Kinchev, was performed by his daughter, Vera.

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