Alpine Skiing at the 2014 Winter Olympics – Slalom (Men)

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    <br><br>The men’s slalom competition in alpine skiing at the 2014 Winter Olympics took place on February 22 at the Rosa Khutor ski resort. The start on the first track took place according to the announced regulations at 16:45 local time (UTC + 4). The start on the second track took place at 20:15 local time. Thanks to the artificial lighting system, competitions on a slalom slope can be held at any time of the day.<br><br>In the men’s slalom in the first attempt, the starting protocol included 117 athletes from 30 countries. Two athletes did not show up at the start.<br>general information<br> Mario Matt gives an interview to Austrian television after completing the first track<br><br>38 athletes did not finish on the first track (got off, making mistakes). On the second track, another 29 skiers did not reach the finish line, including five of the eight skiers who showed the best results in the first race. Five more athletes were disqualified for incorrectly passing the gate on the second track. Thus, the final protocol (the result of two runs) included the results of 43 athletes. Such strong slalomists as Felix Neureuther, Andre Mührer (second after the first race), Jean-Baptiste Grange (fifth after the first race), Ted Ligeti, Manfred Mölgg, Giuliano Razzoli, Patrick Thaler, to reach the finish line in both attempts. Herbst, Benjamin Reich and others. Croatian Ante Kostelic, known for his difficult tracks, was the gate director on the second track, which caused a number of after the finish about the track configuration. Ante Kostelic’s son, 34-year-old Ivica, finished ninth (8th time on the second track).<br><br>Due to the large number of leaders’ retirements after the first attempt, Marcel Hirscher managed to rise in the second attempt from ninth place to second, and Henrik Kristoffersen made an even more impressive „jump“ – from 15th to third. Slovak Adam Jampa, who earlier showed the best time in slalom in the super combined at the Games in Sochi, won the second attempt (53.94 seconds), but the 26th time after the first did not allow him to rise above the final sixth place.<br><br>In the top ten, three places at once were divided between two athletes – fourth, seventh and ninth. Relatively „dense“ results were shown by the first 16 skiers (Canadian Michael Yanik, who took 16th place, lost 2.52 seconds to the champion), the rest of the participants lagged behind the leaders much more serious – Dalibor Shamshal, who had already taken 18th place, from Croatia lost to the champion by more seven seconds, all not included in the top 20 lost to the champion for more than 10 seconds. Skiers from Georgia, New Zealand, Macedonia, Estonia, to get into the top 30.<br><br>34-year-old Matt became the oldest Olympic champion in alpine skiing history.<br>MedalistsresultsGallery

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