Grushevka (Narovlya district)

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    <br><br> (Belarusian. Grushaўka) – a village in the Verbovichsky village council of the Narovlya district of the Gomel region of Belarus.<br>GeographyLocation<br>20 km south-west of Narovlya, 35 km from the Yelsk railway station (on the Kalinkovichi – Ovruch line), 198 km from Gomel.<br>Hydrography<br>On the (a of the Pripyat River), in the north and east there are .<br>Transport network<br>Transport links along the country road, and then the Kirov – Narovlya highway. The layout consists of an arched street oriented from southwest to northeast and built up with double-sided wooden estates.<br>Story<br>According to written sources, it has been known since the beginning of the 19th century as a village in the Narovlya volost of the Rechitsa district of the Minsk province. In 1811 in the possession of Golst. In 1825 the village was bought by S. I. Gorvat. In 1931 the collective farm „Comintern“ was organized, a smithy and a wool combing shop worked. During the Great Patriotic War in August 1943, the German invaders completely burned down the village and killed 4 residents. 43 residents died at the front. According to the 1959 census, the center of the collective farm named after M. V. Frunze. There are an elementary school, a House of Culture, a library, a feldsher-obstetric station, a shop, and a post office.<br>PopulationNumber of2004 – 116 households, 292 inhabitants.Dynamics1834 – 12 households.1850 – 16 households.1897 – 48 households, 314 inhabitants (according to the census).1908 – 62 courtyards, 501 inhabitants.1940 – 147 households, 1440 inhabitants.1959 – 748 inhabitants (according to the census).2004 – 116 households, 292 inhabitants.

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