Zigzag (cave)

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    <br><br>Zigzag – a cave located in the Meleuzovsky region of Bashkiria in the famous Kutuk tract. Karst cave, formed in limestones and dolomites of the Frasnian stage of the Devonian. The way to the Zigzag cave begins with an ascent to the plateau from the along a dirt road, along which you can only drive off-road vehicles or ATVs.<br>Description<br>The name of this cave speaks for itself. On the side of the sinkhole there are two entrances with a diameter of 1 meter and 3 meters. From the entrance, the cave slopes steeply downward. The corridors are quite high, you can walk without bending, but very winding – the turn follows the turn, literally every few meters. The walls and ceilings of the grotto are made of black marble with white veins. The cave has branches. In the narrow passages one can observe magnificent streaks of stalactites and stalagmites. The multicolored stalactite waterfall is especially striking.<br><br>The deeper and deeper until it reaches a with a powerful underwater river. This is the underwater part of the Kutuk River. On the surface, the falls into the ground and continues to flow in the underground gallery.<br><br>The temperature in summer is +9 ° С, in winter it is +6 ° С, in February – March the entrance to the cave freezes over. Bats live in the cave, fish in the river.<br>

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